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I often think about a clip of The Howard Stern Show where Trevor Noah tells a story about Dave Chappelle - without a doubt my favorite comedian.

As he was about to get up on stage to perform a stand-up set, Noah felt a bit nervous about his legitimacy and skills compared to Chappelle’s, who was going to perform after him.

Dave then said:

You don’t understand. something. You’re not here because you’re funny. I know a hundred funny motherfuckers out there. You’re here because you’re interesting. Anyone can be funny. Not everybody can be interesting. Not everyone can make an audience listen to what they’re saying. Not everyone has a wealth of life experience that make people want to know what they have in their minds.

I really liked this idea the first time I heard it, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized how complete it is. Entire libraries of books on advertising, marketing, business and art can be summarized by these few sentences.

This is the second story of art.

The cardinal sin of our times is to be uninteresting.

The adage stating there is no such thing as bad publicity is incomplete. It should say: there is no such thing as bad interesting publicity”.

A whole lot will be granted and forgiven to interesting people.

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