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Poverty, Arid and Blazing

Poverty has two faces.

Arid poverty fees like crossing a desert. A motionless, harsh, exhausting desert. Roaming unprepared into such a terrible environment slowly stifles the energy out of anyone. This is what living an arid life feels like. A rural, pastoral kind of poverty. A draining one. Opportunities are rare. Stimulations are scarce. As a result, the inhabitants’ mental horizon slowly shrinks. Far away from the oasis where anything seems achievable, the desert sentence its dwellers to humble the scope of their ambition. Over time, living in those conditions take a toll on the inhabitants’ self-confidence and imagination. Nevertheless, arid poverty tends to shape strong communities. Selfishness is expensive in the desert.

Blazing poverty is like an active volcanic area. Opportunities are more common. Stimulation is abundant. Whereas desert life is slow and repetitive, the volcanic area moves twice as fast as the rest of the world. So fast, actually, that its inhabitants, are exhausted too. In such a frenetic, stressing environment, competition is fierce and patience is scarce. The blazing destitutes are ambitious and imaginative, but these come at the price of rest and mindfulness.

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