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The True Simulation

People hate being lied to more than they love the truth.

This aversion to deceit takes different forms, but in the abstract, one can discern a pattern.

Whether it is Descartes coming up with the Evil Demon concept, Truman Burbank uncovering the lie he has been living in his whole life, Nick Bostrom advancing the idea of our reality being simulated or some random dude suspecting the Rothschild of being able to control the climate, the schema is the same:

  1. There is a base” reality, where things are as they appear to be. Here, every phenomenon has transparent causes and effects. There’s no interference whatsoever, no malicious actor.

  2. There are multiple layers of realities stacked upon each other. Think Inception s nested dreams. Each layer is a derivation of the reality it is based on, so the deeper you go, the less authentic your reality is.

  3. The inauthentic aspect of layers may be due to 1. the action of powerful actors, such as The Architect in the Matrix series 2. the interference of confusing erroneous belief, thoughts, and emotions, like engrams in Scientology or 3. ignorance of fundamental truths, such as the cluelessness of a nonbeliever to religious people.

  4. It is possible (and almost always desirable) to move through layers toward the base reality. This is what evangelists strive to do for those they preach to, guiding them closer to the true reality by teaching them what they take for fundamental truth - the teachings of Jesus Christ. This can even be attempted through technological means, like the ones a few Silicon Valley billionaires have employed to attempt a break out of the supposed computer simulation we’re living in.

This pattern is ubiquitous.

It is at the heart of the general distrust of elites.

From that frame of reference, elites are the programmers of a complex, deceiving simulation of reality. They acquire the arcane knowledge and skillset necessary for such a task in academia - the quintessential elite institution. Behind its impassable walls, ignorant kids are turned into jargon-blathering technocrats. They are introduced to cryptic, abstract, intellectual arts. And the power of these ideas is tremendous. The fate of the global economy lies upon them. Wars are fought upon them. More specifically, how much one owes in taxes, or even the way one dresses depends on these complex ideas.

Each word uttered by elites is thus a line of code added to the simulation they’re running. For many people, society feels like a Truman Show sort of trickery, its characters unknowingly playing a game whose rules and boundaries were decided without their approval, long before their birth.

Even the insatiable hunger some individuals exhibit for reading and learning, in general, takes roots in this concept. Each book, they believe, allows them to move closer to the base reality. To them, ignorance of scholarly knowledge traps one into an opaque layer. They, therefore, attempt to read their way out of the matrix.

However, once again, people hate being lied to more than they love the truth. It’s not so much ignorance than the idea of being deceived which appears intolerable - people are even likely to actively avoid unpleasant information, after all.

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